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Saturday, April 16, 2011

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Here is a new very good
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A small tip for Rapidshare

Hacks to Beat Rapidshare Download Limits and Waiting

1. Goto the page you want to download

2. Select FREE button

3. In the address bar put the following javascript:   


4. Click OK

5. Click OK to the pop-up box

6. Enter the captcha

7. Download Your File

Monday, October 20, 2008

How to Upload files to Rapidshare

How to Upload Using Rapidshare

Well you have been downloading everybody's files and are happy with everything you have been getting
So you feel you want to give something back and share some of your files with the world

You will need the RapidUploader
it is freeware from Rapidshare.com

Click to enlarge picture:

you can download here

************************************************** ***********************

Once you have that installed and running log into your Rapidshare account under the settings tab

-make sure you click on the "click here to finalize this opiton"
this makes sure your files are going to your account and makes sure you will get premium points for your uploads

Click on picture to enlarge

-Premium points are for premium account holders, you will receive 1 point for each time a FREE USER downloads your file
once you have 10,000 points you can extend your account for a free month or create another account for a friend

-you will have to rar your files with Winrar, assuming you have Winrar, right click on all the files you want to put in your rar and hit add to archive...

Click on screenshot to enlarge:

-you will see a box come up for the options you can rename to whatever you want try to use a non-suspicious name for movies and stuff Rapidshare would delete (ex. instead of pirates of the Caribbean 3 put POTC3).

-you will have to split the files to 100mb parts if its bigger than that you wil have to put 100,000,000 into the split to volume box, after you do it once it will be in the drop down box for good.

-the other drop down box will compress your files for you this will save time uploading

here is a basic guide what setting you should compress your files at

PC GAMES - good or best (they compress well)
PS2 XBOX PSP - good or best (they compress well)
Movies - Store (waste of time to compress movies it takes longer and doesn't compress much)
Music - Store (most cds are under 100mb anyways)

hint** even though compressing your files will save time uploading and will be less files that also means less links and less premium points

although if your file is 4gb you should compress because free users don't want to download 40 links because of the waiting times for free users

-In the advanced tab you can set a password for your files

-In the comment tab you can put in txt so that people will see any important install notes or anything related

-You can also save a txt file anywhere on your system and load that in and it will show all the txt in that file instead of typing it in every time.

-Once you have your settings the way you want it hit ok and let it go

-The more compression you set the longer it will take

-When you have your rar file complete you are ready to upload just open up your Rapiduploader and make sure it says logged in (in the bottom right corner)

-Then simply drag your files into the upload window and drop them in there

-Uploads are much slower than downloads so don't be surprised.

hint**its a good idea to rar up a bunch of stuff and drag them all in when when you go to bed or to work and let it go

hint**don't leave uploads and downloads going at the same time because it will stop your uploads if your downloads and uploads switches to the next file at the same time (you can get away with it for a bit though;)

hint**say you have a movie that's 7 links and you try to drag them in all at the same time, drag them in from number one so they are in the order you want them in (its not that big if a deal but its just confusing and time consuming to put them back in the right order once you have your links)

-Once all of your uploads are done go under the history tab and highlight all the files you want links for and right click, then hit "read selected"

-It will pull up a box with download links and kill links (forget about the kill links) if you want to delete your files you can do it when your logged in at rapidshare.com

-hit copy and it will drop down, then hit all download links

hint** its a good idea to save all of your links in a txt file for easy access

From http://www.whatsrapidshare.com

How to download using Rapidshare ?

How to download using Rapidshare

Rapidshare and want to know how to download

-You will need Winrar.
Winrar is a very easy program that puts your files in archives and splits them for you
Rapidshare has a 100mb file limit so they will have to be split archives
And its used by everyone in the world of Rapidshare.

you can download here:

click on the top one version 3.70

************************************************** ***************************

-You will also need Flashget
Flashget is a very easy to use download accelerator.
it monitors your clipboard so that all you have to do is highlight the links you want,
right click and hit copy this makes Rapidshare very easy to download from.

Click on picture to enlarge:

You can download here

I like the classic version but the latest version is good too

Once you have all that downloaded and installed your ready to go

Now you will have to find some Rapidshare links that you would like to download.
this is a great forum for downloads http://rapidsharesearchengines.blogspot.com/ .

-A forum is an online community where people get together and share all their Rapidshare links with the world.

-Find something that interests you...be sure to reply and say thanks to be polite.

-You should have a red icon with arrows pointing down when Flashget is running in your taskbar.
Right click on it and make sure that "monitor clipboard" is checked.

-Then you just highlight all the links you want and copy them to your clipboard (click on picture to enlarge).

-It will show you a box with all the links you have copied just hit ok and then it will bring up your new download window.

-It is important that you check the login to server box and input your login and pass to Rapidshare.

-Also make a new folder for your new downloads...try to keep folders for each type of media that you download its important to be organized because some files depending on what you want will be split archives
and everything will be cluttered if its all in one folder

-In a week you be happy you started organized because it makes everything much easier to find and use.

-Click the "..." box beside save to: and make sure they are going to your downloads folder or whatever you have made.

-HIT SAVE AS DEFAULT in the bottom left corner so you don't have to input your login and pass every time.

-Hit ok and let it go until ALL the parts have been downloaded (if you only have half the parts to a split archive...they are useless).

-When you go to your folder where it downloaded to your rar files will be there.

-When you right click now you should have more options hit extract here... (Click to enlarge picture)

-If it has a password you will have to go to where you found the links and copy and paste it.

-Most files don't have a password.

-You can also extract to a specific folder if you want to by right clicking and hitting extract to..

-If you double click any one of the rars you will be able to see what's inside before you extract the files if needed.

-If you cant extract because of a CRC error just redownload this happens sometimes from pausing and resuming downloads to many times.

-If you end up with a 5kb or 6kb file Rapidshare has deleted this file for copyright purposes or you have gone past your 25 GB limit.

once extracted its ready to play with!!

How to use Rapidshare ? How to get everything you ever wanted ?

What is Rapidshare? How to use Rapidshare ? How to get everything you ever wanted.?

If you’re looking to learn about Rapidshare and file sharing you have come to the right place. If you don’t already know what Rapidshare is, prepare to be blown away. In this blog I will be fully explaining what Rapidshare is and how to use it and if you’re like most people reading this right now you probably have no idea what Rapidshare actually is.

So let’s begin. RapidShare is basically a German One-click hosting site that operates from Switzerland and is financed by the subscriptions of paying users. It operates as a pay service, allowing any member to upload files of up to 100MB. The user is then supplied with a unique download URL, which locates the file and enables anyone with whom the uploader shares it to download the file.

More simply all this means is that Rapidshare has a bunch of these servers; these servers are loaded with anything and everything you could ever think of. Every game, every program/application, every movie, every song, every e-book, literally anything that can be stored on a hard drive, you can find on the Rapidshare servers. Basically anything you’re looking for your guaranteed to find. Missed an episode of your favorite TV series?, no worries you can download that episode right away. Need some expensive computer software, you got it! You can even download e-books on pretty much anything you can think of. But that’s not all, its gets better; Rapidshare is extremely fast when it comes to downloads. I’m talking downloading full DVD quality movies in a matter of 10-20 minutes. You are not capped, you can download as fast as your internet can possibly go.

Rapidshare is such a big site, it is ridiculous. In fact the original website was www.rapidshare.de, but the servers got full and they started www.rapidshare.com. It ranks as one of the most visited websites in the world, and as far as traffic goes it competes with the major websites like Google and Yahoo. You can check out their rating on Alexa. Click here

Now you might be asking, where do all these files and games and movies come from? The answer is you! There are literally thousands of people uploading tons of information every second of every day on Rapidshare. Now this doesn’t mean, you gotta start uploading stuff, if you just want to download stuff, that’s perfectly fine.

So at this point you’re probably convinced that Rapidshare is all you'll ever need when it comes to getting any type of file on the internet, and the truth of the matter is your absolutely right. You really don’t need anything besides this service.

So now you’re probably wondering what exactly the catch is. Well like all good things in life, there is a cost involved. Rapidshare is however free, but if you’re a serious downloader you’re gonna eventually want to get a premium account. The difference is much faster downloads, and you will soon realize that getting a premium account is mandatory. When you upload a file to Rapidshare it gets broken down into a bunch of links, each file will be on average 100mb. So if you upload a 600 megabyte movie there will be 6 files to download. If you have premium access you just copy and paste the links into a program called Flashget (this is all fully explained in the tutorial section, click the downloading link for more information) and let it automatically download all the files. Just set it and forget it. However, if you’re a free user and don’t have premium access you have to download the files individually one by one, you can’t download more than 1 file at a time and you have to wait a certain period of time between downloads, usually a couple of minutes to an hour. The whole process of downloading becomes very tedious.

Now you may be wondering where to find all the links to download all the great stuff that you want. The reality is that there are Rapidshare forums and links all over the internet. Just search in this site for any rapidshare files you want Rapidshare Search Engine http://rapidsharesearchengines.blogspot.com/

So how much does it exactly cost? Well depending on how long of a subscription you want you can expect to pay anywhere from 10 dollars for a 1 month subscription, or around 23 dollars for a 3 month subscription. You can also get subscriptions up to 1 year.

The prices are very affordable when you consider all the great stuff you'll be downloading. What makes it even better is that if you upload files you can accumulate points, which in turn extend the life of your subscription. So if you upload enough you can prolong the life of your premium access to Rapidshare for however long you chose. But once again this is not mandatory.

What is RapidShare ?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

RapidShare is a German owned one-click hosting pay- and free-service (with limitations) website that operates from Switzerland and is financed by the subscriptions of paying users. Rapidshare is one of the world’s largest file-hosting sites with millions of files stored on its servers. According to Alexa, Rapidshare.com is currently the 12th most visited website.[1]; Rapidshare.de has been declining in rank since April 2008.[2]

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rapidshare Search Engine -Rapidshare Search

Rapidshare Search

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